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Changes to Right Turn on Red at the Intersection of Village Parkway and Tradition Parkway

Port St. Lucie - Monday October 9, 2023: The City of Port St. Lucie made changes to allow drivers to turn right on red at the intersection of Village Parkway and Tradition Parkway in Tradition to alleviate traffic congestion. 

Drivers are now permitted to make a right turn on red at the traffic signals for the Village Parkway and Tradition Parkway intersections. Drivers must first come to a complete stop at the marked stop line before moving into the crosswalk or intersection. After stopping, motorists can turn right on red when they are clear to make the safe turning movement. 

The only exception is the northbound shared right and through lane on Village Parkway. Northbound has a dedicated right turn lane and an additional lane where motorists have the option to continue straight or make a signalized right turn. The dedicated right turn lane does not have any restrictions for turning right on red. The shared turn lane is not permitted to make a right on red because the vehicle in the dedicated right turn lane attempting to turn right on red could obstruct the path of a right-turning vehicle. Variable Message Boards have been set up to notify motorists of the change. 

The Public Works Department has been monitoring the intersection since no right turn-on red restrictions were implemented earlier this year. The restrictions were applied to support pedestrian safety, but with the ongoing construction activities, traffic was backing up and causing congestion for motorists and increasing safety concerns. Additional signage will be set up to help remind motorists to yield to pedestrians. 

The Village Parkway and Tradition Parkway Intersection is currently under design to incorporate improvements to pedestrian movements, protect shared-use paths and enhance bicycle safety. Concepts are anticipated to be shared with residents in a Public Meeting in January 2024.