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Florida Senator Book and Rep. Gottlieb Propose Measure to Empower Domestic Violence Survivors With "Hope Cards”

Florida Legislature

Florida - Thursday October 12, 2023: In recognition of October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month , Senate Democratic Leader Lauren Book and Representative Mike Gottlieb have filed SB86/HB45, a proposal aimed at strengthening the support system for survivors of domestic violence.

The legislation introduces the 'HOPE Card' program, designed to empower survivors by providing a durable, laminated, wallet-size card issued by the Office of the State Courts Administrator. This card includes detailed information about the respondent and petitioner, streamlining access to vital protective order details.

"In the pursuit of justice and safety for survivors of domestic violence, we must innovate and adapt to the evolving needs of those we seek to protect," says Leader Book. "The HOPE Card program is not just a piece of legislation; it's a lifeline for survivors. It provides a tangible and immediate resource for individuals navigating the complexities of protective orders, offering a level of security and empowerment that goes beyond legal documentation."

Senator Book, renowned for her tireless advocacy on behalf of survivors, brings a wealth of experience to this crucial initiative. As the Senate Democratic Leader, she has consistently championed the rights of the vulnerable and advocated for the passage of more than two dozen laws to support survivors and protect children from predators.

"Survivors of domestic violence deserve more than legal protection; they deserve a system that works seamlessly to support them in their journey towards healing and safety," says Leader Book. "The Hope Card program is a step towards ensuring that survivors feel heard, supported, and protected. It is about putting a tangible tool in their hands that facilitates a faster and more effective response from law enforcement, ensuring their safety is prioritized."

The Hope Card initiative, inspired by successful programs in other states, is a testament to Senator Book's dedication to finding practical solutions to real-world challenges. By introducing this program, Senator Book aims to provide survivors with a straightforward and reliable means of communication with law enforcement, fostering a safer environment for those escaping domestic violence.