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Martin County Sheriff - Six Residential Burglaries in Recent Days; Five Foiled by Crime Prevention Tools Installed by Homeowners

Burglary suspect

Martin County - Tuesday November 7, 2023: The Martin County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) has issued an alert to County residents about a series of burglaries in recent days.

Over the past several days, deputies have responded to six calls of residential burglaries. These burglary attempts have happened in Palm City, Hobe Sound and unincorporated Stuart, according to the MCSO alert.

Forced entry was used in all six cases. However, in five of those cases, the burglars walked away with nothing because of crime prevention tools installed by homeowners, such as alarms, cameras and remarkable vigilance.

In one case, the suspect shown above, came face to face with a woman and her child after he broke into her home. She confronted the burglar and was successfully able to get him out of her home without injury to her family or loss of property. This particular burglary occurred on Duncan Street in Hobe Sound on November 4.

The suspect in the photo fled on foot. If you have any information about this man, you are urged to call the Sheriffs Office at: 772-220-7000. Or call 911 if you see or hear anything suspicious.