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St. Lucie County Sheriff Sheriff Ken Mascara Retires, Abruptly; SLC Sheriff Lt. Keith Pearson Named to Replace Him

SLC Sheriff Ken Mascara, retired and SLC Sheriff appointee, Lt. Keith Pearson

St. Lucie County - Friday December 1, 2023: St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken Mascara abruptly retired at the close of business today, Friday December 1st. No announcement was issued beforehand by the Sheriff's office.

The 65 year old Mascara had been Sheriff of St. Lucie County since 2001. He won election to that post six times. He retired just over a year before his current term would have expired.

A release from the Governor's Office states that Governor DeSantis was only notified of Sheriff Mascara's retirement today.

"To ensure law enforcement operations continue without delay, the Governor announced the appointment of Keith Pearson as Sheriff of St. Lucie County," states the release from the Governor's Office.

The 65 year old Mascara has been the Sheriff of St. Lucie County Sheriff since 2001, when he won his 6th term. He announced at that time that it would be his last term as Sheriff.


Sheriff appointee Keith Pearson has been a Lieutenant with the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office. He has over 20 years of law enforcement experience.

Pearson is the recipient of the United States Department of Justice Distinguished Service Medal and the United States Southern District Outstanding Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award. Pearson earned his associate degree in criminal justice from Indian River State College.