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SLCSO: Updated Advisory About Apple iPhone's New iOS Software

Apple and SLCSO

St. Lucie County - Friday December 1, 2023: The St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office has issued an updated advisory about Apple iPhone's latest software update.

Apple's new NameDrop feature in the iPhone iOS 17 update allows iPhone users to share their contact information by holding the tops of two iPhones close together.
Understandably, this has caused alarm in the community, especially among parents.

A better understanding of this technology may help ease some fears, but parents are encouraged to turn this feature off if they feel their child is still at risk.

Here are the facts:

FACT 1: In order for NameDrop to work, both devices must have the setting turned on and the phones must be placed centimeters apart.

FACT 2: Both iPhone users must agree to share their contact information and/or receive the other user's contact information. This information is limited to the information stored in each user's contact card. This may include the user's name, phone number, email address, and contact card photo. To edit your contact card, open your Contacts app on your iPhone and then tap My Card at the top.

FACT 3: Canceling the NameDrop transfer is as easy as swiping up on your screen, locking your iPhone, or walking away to break the connection.

FACT 4: The NameDrop feature is automatically enabled in the iOS 17 update. Turn this feature off by going to Settings, General, AirDrop, Bringing Devices Together and change the toggle to the OFF position.