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New Sculpture on Display at Port St. Lucie City Hall

City of Port St. Lucie

Port t. Lucie - Wednesday December 6, 2023: A sandhill crane sculpture standing more than seven feet tall was, temporarily, put on display in front of the Port St. Lucie City Hall Tuesday. It is a work of art created by Lee Bell who named it “Nouveau Crane.”

The work is on loan to the City for two years. It is part of Port St. Lucie’s 'Art in Public Place's Master Plan.

Nouveau Crane is made of steel and mixed media, the piece includes recycled materials to demonstrate the inherent beauty of nature while subtly expressing concerns about the fragility of Florida’s wildlife and environment.

“My subject matter has remained rooted in themes of nature, feminine beauty and animals,” Bell said. “A truly successful piece for me has a personality – they are characters with emotion encased in a form. The paradox in the work that the up-cycled material is commonly disposed of in ways that affect the very creatures I am creating is important to me.”

The Art in Public Places program seeks to create a strong foundation for art that can be enjoyed citywide. In recent years, that has included a series of outdoor installations located near the City Hall entrance for residents to enjoy. A wide variety of public art is also available throughout Port St. Lucie including murals, art installations, galleries and more.

“Art allows for a powerful connection between people, reflecting who we are and what we want to be,” said Planning and Zoning Director, Mary F. Savage-Durham, AICP, CFM. “We are grateful to Lee for sharing her artistic vision with us and we thank all those involved with Art in Public Places for their work in enhancing the quality of life in our community.”

No taxpayer dollars are being used for Art in Public Places. Funding for the program, including works such as “Nouveau Crane,” is provided through fees on developers.

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