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Grand Kyiv Ballet's GISELLE Takes Center Stage at the SUNRISE THEATRE in Fort Pierce This Wednesday

Grand Kyiv Ballet

Fort Pierce - Saturday March 9, 2024: The Grand Kyiv Ballet will perform the ballet masterpiece, GISELLE at the Sunrise Theatre in Fort Pierce on Wednesday, March 13 at 7pm.

The production will showcase the Grand Kyiv Principal dancers Kateryna Kukhar and Oleksandr Stoianov, both from the National Opera of Ukraine.


GISELLE has stood the test of time, captivating global audiences for more than 180 years.  Recognized as one of the greatest dramatic love stories ever told, the ballet recounts the tale of Giselle and the Willis, young unmarried girls betrayed by their lovers who meet their untimely demise. Overwhelmed by sorrow and anger, they transform into the malevolent Willis, seeking retribution and settling scores. 


Theirs is an incredible story of resilience and inspiration. Principal Dancers Kateryna Kukhar and Oleksandr (Alex) Stoianov, who now call Seattle their temporary home due to the conflict in Ukraine, were continents away from their two children when the war erupted with no means of returning. They were in France, preparing for their final performance in Menton. Just prior, they had rehearsed GISELLE together, a poignant moment amidst the turmoil unfolding back home. Originally planning to return to Kyiv, their lives were upended when they received news at 5 am of the war's outbreak and bombings. 

This resilient couple undertook extraordinary efforts, with the help of friends and family, and worked tirelessly to evacuate their children from Ukraine. Regrettably, not all their relatives could be relocated to a fully secure location, as Kateryna's parents bravely chose to remain in Kyiv, demonstrating unwavering strength in the face of adversity. 

In the month that ensued, Oleksandr and Kateryna helped evacuate more than 300 ballet dancers and their families, both students and working artists. 

Alex has started four Ballet companies to bring work to many of those dancers and company members displaced from Ukraine.  

In a commitment to cultural preservation, Grand Kyiv Ballet is proud to announce that a portion of the proceeds from this event will be directed towards the renovation efforts of the Kyiv State Choreographic College. By attending the performance, audiences not only bear witness to a captivating ballet but also contribute to the preservation and enhancement of this esteemed institution which has nurtured generations of exceptionally talented dancers.

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at GISELLE - Grand Kyiv Ballet - Sunrise Theatre

Performance Details: 

Date: Wednesday, March 13
Time: 7 pm
Venue: Sunrise Theatre 

For more information on Grand Kyiv Ballet, visit Grand Kyiv Ballet.