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Port St. Lucie: The Green Art Showcase Celebrates Creativity and Environmental Sustainability

Port St. Lucie - Wednesday March 27, 2024: The City of Port St. Lucie’s Parks & Recreation Department is soliciting works of art for its Green Art Showcase, an exhibition dedicated to promoting environmental awareness through the lens of art.

The Green Art Showcase aims to bridge the gap between artistic expression and environmental conservation by featuring art made from at least 50% recycled materials.

Artists of all ages are invited to explore the beauty and potential of recycled materials by transforming them into stunning artworks that will be displayed from April 1 through April 30 at the Community Center located at 2195 S.E. Airoso Blvd. in Port St. Lucie.

This month-long exhibition not only provides a platform for local artists to display their talent but also a reminder of the importance of recycling and its impact on preserving our planet.

Submission Details:
· Artwork must be made from at least 50% recycled materials.
· All submissions will be reviewed by the Parks & Recreation Department staff for approval.
· Approved artwork should be delivered to the Port St. Lucie Community Center by Friday, March 29.

How to Participate:
To participate in the Green Art Showcase artists should send images of their artwork to Kelly Tiger, Special Events Administrator, at Entries must be submitted by this Friday, March 29. Your artwork will be displayed at the Community Center from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. between April 1-30. For additional information or questions, call 772-807-4467.

For art enthusiasts, this is an exclusive opportunity to engage with art and reflect on sustainability. Visit the PSL Community Center throughout April to admire the innovative and environmentally conscious creations of Port St. Lucie’s local artists.

This event is free and open to the public, offering a meaningful opportunity for residents to engage with art while reflecting on the significance of sustainability and environmental stewardship.

To learn more, visit

City of Port St. Lucie