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PSLPD: Jamie Luis Calderon-Aponte Arrested Following Road Rage Incident

Jamie Luis Calderon Aponte
Jamie Luis Calderon Aponte

Port St. Lucie - Tuesday April 9, 2024: The Port St. Lucie Police Department (PSLPD) has charged 23-year-old Jamie Luis Calderon-Aponte of Port St. Lucie with one felony count of Discharging a Firearm from a Vehicle and one misdemeanor count of Reckless Display of a Firearm.

On Wednesday March 27th at about 1:40 p.m., the PSLPD received a call about gunshots that were fired at Sportsman’s Park on NW Prima Vista Blvd.

When officers arrived they found two shell casings on the ground, but there was no victim, or damage to property at the scene.

However, a witness was able to give police a description of the vehicle, a partial tag number, and a description of a suspect who, the witness said, fired the shots.

PSLPD detectives used that information to identify Calderon-Aponte as the suspect, and after establishing probable cause, they arrested him and recovered the handgun that was used.

According to a release from the PSLPD, Calderon-Aponte "discharged the firearm in the air after becoming agitated" after he had been “break checked” by another driver in the parking lot at Sportsman's Park.