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FWC Announces the Winners of 2024 Florida State Fish Art Contest


Florida - Friday April 26, 2024: The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), in partnership with Wildlife Forever, is eager to announce the winners of the Florida State Fish Art Contest this year. Students in kindergarten through 12th grade submitted their artwork in this free contest for a chance to win state and national honors, and prizes. This program inspires creativity while encouraging the next generation of anglers and conservationists.

The top two Florida student artists, selected by the FWC, per category (freshwater and saltwater), in four grade brackets will advance to the National Competition to be judged for top prizes including Best of Show. Congratulations to our winners!

Grades 10-12
Winners: Charlie Sasso and Jessica Neef
Runners-Up: Louisa Elena Elias-Sowers and Isabella Jimenez

Grades 7-9
Winners: Georgia Hunnewell and Emma Nemes
Runners-Up: Grace Wang and Emily Ganee

Grades 4-6 Winners:
Divya Patel and Sebastian Romo
Runners-Up: Hannah Wang and Hailey Chen

Grades K-3
Winners: Anika Goyal and Yimo Wu
Runners-Up: Vanessa Wesbur and Alessa Alger

"The creativity of these young artists truly shines through with this remarkable competition, a fantastic way to involve young individuals in fishing and conservation," said FWC Commissioner Sonya Rood. "We are consistently astounded by the passion evident in every student's depiction of both fresh- and saltwater species."

Florida will host the contest again next year, stay tuned for more information. Learn more about the Florida Fish Art Contest and how you can participate next year at