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Governor Signs Bill Restricting Teacher Training Programs to Curb What He Calls "Indoctrination"

Governor's Facebook page

Florida - Friday May 3, 2024: In Jacksonville Thursday Governor DeSantis signed House Bill 1291into law a measure that restricts teacher training program to prevent what he called "indoctrination."

HB 1291 does the following:

  • Prohibits teacher preparation programs from indoctrinating prospective teachers by teaching distorted versions of significant historical events; and
  • Prevents the infusion of identity politics in teaching methods and prohibits instructing that theories such as systemic racism, sexism, oppression, and privilege are inherent in America’s institutions.

He also signed House Bill 989 into law that, among other things, increases protections for customers of financial institutions operating in Florida from unwarranted account cancellations.

HB 989 does the following:

  • Increases protection for customers of financial institutions operating in Florida from unwarranted account cancellations and restrictions through a coordinated complaint and investigatory process within the Office of Financial Regulation.
  • Removes Florida’s exclusive preference of holding public funds with banks, particularly with out-of-state big banks, by allowing community-based credit unions to hold public funds.
  • Permits the Chief Financial Officer to have a dedicated consumer-liaison for assistance dealing with the Federal Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The Governor said he is also working with the Attorney General’s office to bolster Florida’s protections from ideological discrimination and harassment in the workplace.
He said companies do not have a right to require employees to take part in training that tells them that they are inherently racist or sexist, including efforts to mandate trainings "meant to guilt employees or think less of themselves" because of racial, religious, or social upbringing.

“We reject a global elite trying to force their ideology on us by capturing major institutions,” said the Governor. “We are not going to allow big banks to discriminate based on someone’s political or religious beliefs, and we will continue to fight back against indoctrination in education and the workplace.”