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Governor Signs Bill Providing $1.07 Billion in Tax Relief for Floridians

WFTV via the Florida Channel

Florida - Tuesday May 7, 2024: During a signing ceremony held at Gator’s Portside restaurant in Cape Canaveral this morning Governor DeSantis signed House Bill 7073, providing $1.07 billion in tax relief for Floridians this year.

Much like last year, the tax-savings package creates

-two fourteen-day disaster preparedness tax holidays

- a month-long summer sales tax holiday,

- a fourteen-day school tax holiday

- and a seven-day tool-tax holiday.

The legislation also extends toll relief through March 2025, and will waive all taxes on insurance premiums for the next year for homeowners and flood insurance policies.

The Governor said the legislation also provides several tax credits for companies who employ individuals with disabilities, donate to child welfare charities or provide childcare for their employees.