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Martin County Sheriff - 'Three Notable Recent Arrests'

From Left Pablo Mejia,, Yenny Felez, and Felmer Bamaca-Domingo
From Left Pablo Mejia,, Yenny Felez, and Felmer Bamaca-Domingo

Martin County - Tuesday May 7, 2024: The Martin County Sheriff's Office, in a post on their Facebook page, cited three recent arrests, calling them "notable, without explaining why, although the message was clear.

51-year old Pablo Mejia, 42- year Yenny Felez, and 19-year Felmer Bamaca-Domingo were each charged with separate crimes in Martin County. They are not U.S. citizens.

For the past 16 years, Mejia has been dogging Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE. Felez could not produce a work visa. And Bamaca-Domingo was caught speeding without ever haven gotten a driver's license.

* 51-year old Pablo Mejia was taken into custody after a traffic stop. Mejia could offer little in terms of his true identity because he only possessed credit cards, debit cards, and insurance cards in other people’s names. Once detectives confirmed the man’s true identity, they learned that Mejia was an ICE fugitive who has been running from deportation since 2008. Immigration Services arrived at the scene and took Mejia into custody where he is now expected to answer to that 2008 deportation order. Detectives are working to track the true owners of the credit and insurance cards.

* 42- year Yenny Felez was arrested for solicitation for prostitution after offering an undercover detective sexual services for money. Felez is in the United States from the Dominican Republic and says she is utilizing a work VISA. With the help of some business associates here, Felez appears to have set her working quarters up out of a Martin County hotel. She was taken into custody and charged.

* 19-year Felmer Bamaca-Domingo, who told deputies he is from Guatemala, was arrested after speeding through a school zone, then through an active construction zone where he nearly caused a crash with a semi tractor trailer. Multiple people were working in that construction zone when Domingo sped through. Felmer Bamaca-Domingo did not have, nor has ever possessed a valid Florida Driver’s license.

In addition, during the first 4 months of this year, the Sheriff reports that 226 people have been arrested in Martin County for driving but never possessing a valid driver’s license. Twenty-four of those cited were involved in traffic crashes.