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FDOC: Citrus Juice Sales Continue to Decline

Florida - Thursday May 16, 2024: The Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC) reports that orange juice (OJ) sales were down by 11.6% for the period ending April 20. Grapefruit juice sales were down by 9%, reports Citrus Industry Weekly.

Director of Economic and Market Research Marisa Zansler reported that despite declining availability worldwide, orange juice maintains a 50% share of the 100% fruit juice category, and she emphasized that OJ is an important component of the 100% fruit juice category and is a staple in many households. The FDOC she said would continue to review the value of maintaining research and marketing for orange juice.

The total price of OJ was up 9% to $9.40 per gallon. The average NFC price was $10.31 per gallon. The overall average price for reconstituted OJ for the season is $7.80 per gallon.

Overall volume movement of grapefruit juice was down 9% for the period with a price increase of about 5%.