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AAA: Gas Prices Inch Lower as 2.5 Million Floridians Are About to Hit the Road for the Memorial Day Holiday

Sunday's state average of $3.45 per gallon is the same as a week ago.
Jelena -
Sunday's state average of $3.45 per gallon is the same as a week ago.

Florida - Monday May 20, 2024: Florida gas prices rose 6-cents early last week, but those gains were quickly erased by the weekend. Sunday's state average of $3.45 per gallon is the same as a week ago.

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"Pump prices are drifting lower as a record-setting 2.5 million Floridians prepare to travel for Memorial Day weekend," said Mark Jenkins, Public Relations Manager for AAA - The Auto Club Group. "However, ongoing geopolitical tensions could prevent pump prices from falling below year-ago levels, during the holiday weekend."

Florida gas prices averaged $3.41 per gallon on Memorial Day 2023. This year, nearly 2.3 million Floridians are forecast to take a road trip for Memorial Day weekend. That's a new all-time record and nearly 106,000 more Floridians on the road than last year.

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The most congested periods on the road are forecast to be Thursday and Friday afternoons from 3pm-7pm. The best advice for avoiding congestion is to travel before noon or after 7pm.

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Florida Regional Prices

• Most expensive metro markets – West Palm Beach-Boca Raton ($3.65), Gainesville ($3.51), Fort Lauderdale ($3.51)
• Least expensive metro markets – Crestview-Fort Walton Beach ($3.19), Pensacola ($3.25), Panama City ($3.25)

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Ways to Save on Gasoline

  • Combine errands to limit driving time.
  • Shop around for the best gas prices in your community. 
  • Pay with cash. Some retailers charge extra per gallon for customers who pay with a credit card.
  • Remove excess weight in your vehicle. Every 100 pounds taken out of the vehicle improves fuel economy by 1-2 percent.
  • Drive conservatively. Aggressive acceleration and speeding reduces fuel economy.

AAA Resources for Drivers

  • Enroll in savings programs. AAA Members who enroll in Shell's Fuel Rewards program can save 30 cents per gallon on their first fill-up and 5 cents per gallon each additional trip to the pump. Click here for more information.
  • Get a tune-up. Ensure your vehicle is properly maintained to optimize its fuel economy. Visit to find a certified repair shop.
  • Find the lowest gas prices in your area by using the free AAA mobile app.
  • Determine anticipated fuel costs for your trip by using the AAA's Gas Cost Calculator.