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FPUA Board Approves Fuel Cost Reduction, July Power Bills Could Be Up to $3-Lower for Its Customers


Fort Pierce - Wednesday May 22, 2024: Customers of the Fort Pierce Utility Authority (FPUA) can look forward to lower power bills in July. The FPUA Board approved a reduction in the Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) at its May 7 meeting.

The average customer who uses 1,000 kWh of power every month will see a $3 reduction on their July bill, which reflects the energy they used in June.

FPUA, and many other Florida utilities, use natural gas. The price of that gas has recently gone down, prompting the reduction in the PCA line on your bill, which is separate from the base rate.

Fuel cost variations are passed on to customers. When the fuel price increases or decreases, so does the PCA.

Florida's electric utilities use natural gas to generate over 75% of the electricity generated in the state. Natural gas is reliable, efficient and a relatively clean fuel source.