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Florida All-Orange Forecast Rose Less than 1% in May, Far Below Last Year

Clusters of oranges on orange trees. Photo taken 02-02-21
Tyler Jones/UF/IFAS Photo by Tyler Jones
UF/IFAS Communications
Clusters of oranges on orange trees. Photo taken 02-02-21

Florida - Friday June 14, 2024: The June 11 federal citrus crop forecast for 2023-24 shows mostly slight changes for all Florida varieties and no production changes in other states.

The Florida all-orange forecast rose less than 1% from May, or 60,000 boxes, to 17.86 million boxes. That exceeds 2022-23 production of 15.82 million boxes but is far below 2021-22 production of 41.2 million boxes.

Non-Valencia orange production is forecast down 1% to 6.76 million boxes. Valencia production is forecast up 1% to 11.1 million boxes.

Florida’s all-grapefruit forecast dipped 1%, or 10,000 boxes, to 1.79 million boxes. The total 10,000-box dip was in white varieties, now forecast at 240,000 boxes. The red grapefruit forecast is unchanged at 1.55 million boxes.

Florida tangerines and tangelos saw the biggest change in the forecast – a drop of 10% to 450,000 boxes.

See the full June forecast by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (USDA NASS) here.

The unchanged forecasts for other states were:

  • Arizona lemons, 1.05 million boxes
  • California oranges, 46 million boxes
  • California grapefruit, 4.1 million boxes
  • California lemons, 22 million boxes
  • California tangerines and mandarins, 22 million boxes
  • Texas oranges, 1.1 million boxes
  • Texas grapefruit, 2.6 million boxes

The final update to the 2023-24 citrus crop forecast will be on July 12 at approximately 12:00 p.m. on the Citrus Industry website.