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Renovation Work Begins Tuesday on a Building That Will Become the Fort Pierce Highwaymen Museum

Fort Pierce - Friday July 5, 2024: Renovation work will begin Tuesday, July 9th on a building that will become the Fort Pierce Highwaymen Museum.

The project is being overseen by the City of Fort Pierce, in collaboration with the Fort Pierce Redevelopment Agency (FPRA) and the Original Florida Hall of Fame Highwaymen. They are planning a ceremony at 10:30 AM on the same day, just before the renovation begins, to mark the start of the project.

The building that is being transformed to eventually house the Highwaymen Museum is currently the historic Jackie L. Caynon, Sr. Building located at 1234 Avenue D. It was named in honor of the late Jackie L. Caynon, Sr., the first African American elected official in St. Lucie County and a distinguished five-term Fort Pierce City Commissioner.

The museum will be operated by the Original Florida Hall of Fame Highwaymen, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. It will preserve the world-renowned artwork of the local African American artists known as the Florida Highwaymen. These twenty-six African American men and one woman were forced to sell their artwork from the trunks of their cars instead of in galleries and other venues due to segregation.

Funding for the restoration has been provided by the State of Florida, the U.S. Department of State, and from African American Cultural and Historical Grants.

"We are very excited about the transformation of the Jackie L. Caynon, Sr. Building into the Highwaymen Museum," said Fort Pierce Mayor Linda Hudson in a news release."This museum will honor the extraordinary legacy of the Florida Highwaymen, who defied adversity to become renowned artists. It will be a cultural beacon for our community, celebrating their remarkable talent and perseverance."

The renovation work is being led by Journey C&D Group, a prominent South Florida design firm. Renovations will include upgrading HVAC systems, installing new windows and doors, implementing fire suppression systems, enhancing security measures, adding track lighting, installing decorative fencing, landscaping, and creating an art garden north of the building.

The museum will feature exhibitions and public programs highlighting the challenges faced by African American artists during the Jim Crow and Civil Rights eras. It will serve as a vital community space where history, art, and culture intersect, offering a dynamic portrayal of our evolving heritage.

The City of Fort Pierce and the FPRA envision the Highwaymen Museum as a cornerstone of the Lincoln Park Historic District's revitalization efforts. This modern facility will pay tribute to our hometown artists, showcasing their 60-year legacy in a dedicated venue worthy of their contributions.

For more information about the Highwaymen Museum and the groundbreaking ceremony, contact the Original Florida Hall of Fame Highwaymen at or visit: