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Preparing for hurricanes

By A Treasure Coast essay by Paul Janensch


Fort Pierce, FL – Hurricane season started June 1 and lasts through November 30. After two relatively mild hurricane seasons, forecasters are warning residents on the Atlantic Coast - and that includes us on the Treasure Coast - to be prepared for more tropical storms this year. They expect 12 to 18 tropical storms, including 3 to 6 reaching major hurricane strength, with winds more than 110 miles an hour. Of course, they don't know where or when they will hit land - or if any will hit land. But are you prepared? Do you know the route to the nearest shelter? Do you have an emergency kit? This is what should be in it: First-aid supplies. Three gallons of water per person. Enough non-perishable food to last three days - such as peanut butter, canned tuna, canned fruit, crackers and a manual can opener. Pet supplies. Prescription medications. Important documents. Special supplies for infants, the elderly and the disabled. Plenty of cash. The ATM won't work if the power is out. A flashlight and extra batteries. A hand-cranked or battery-powered radio, tuned to 88.9 FM, the emergency frequency for this area. I know the route to the nearest shelter, but I have yet to assemble an emergency kit. I'll get on it this week. Honest. For 88.9 FM, this is Paul Janensch.
Treasure Coast essayist Paul Janensch was a newspaper editor and taught journalism at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut.