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Florida NOW Endorses Crist for Governor and Demings for Senate

NOW Florida

Florida - Tuesday October 11, 2022: The Florida National Organization for Women PAC has endorsed Democrats Charlie Crist for Governor and Val Demings for U.S. Senate, among other candidates, who they say will "fight to protect" women’s rights.

Here is the full list of candidates endorsed by Florida NOW:



* Val Demings (Representing Florida)


* Rebekah Jones (U.S. House, Congressional Distr. 1, Panhandle)

* Al Lawson, Jr. (U.S. House, Congressional Distr. 5, Tallahassee/Jacksonville)

* Darren Soto (U.S. House, Congressional Distr. 9, Orlando)

* Maxwell Frost (U.S. House, Congressional Distr. 10, Orlando)

* Eric Lynn (U.S. House, Congressional Distr.13, Pinellas County)

* Cindy Lyn Banyai (U.S. House, Congressional Distr. 19, Ft. Myers)

* Frederica Wilson (U.S. House, Congressional Distr. 24, Broward/Miami-Dade)

* Lois Frankel (U.S. House, Congressional Distr. 22, Palm Beach County)

* Debbie Wasserman- Schultz (U.S. House, Congressional Distr. 25, Broward/Dade)

* Annette Taddeo (U.S. House, Congressional Distr. 27, Miami/Dade)



* Charlie Crist & Karla Henández Mats (Governor & Lieutenant Governor)


* Chief Financial Officer - Adam Hattersley

* Attorney General - Amaris Ayala

* Commissioner of Agriculture - Naomi Esther Blemur


* Sharmin Smith (Florida Senate District 4, Jacksonville)

* Tracie Davis (Florida Senate District 5, Jacksonville)

* Geraldine F. Thompson (Florida Senate District 15, Pinellas County)

* Eunic Ortiz (Florida Senate District 18, Pinellas County)

* Shevrin Jones (Florida Senate District 35, Broward County)

* Raquel Individual Pacheco (Florida Senate District 36, Miami-Dade County)


* Cornelius Jones Florida House District 11, Jacksonville)

* Angie Nixon (Florida House District 13, Northwest Jacksonville/the near West side)

* Micheal Anderson (Florida House District 17, Mandarin)

* Adam Morely (Florida House District 19, SE St. Johns County/St. Augustine area)

* Tina Polsky (Florida House District 30, Palm Beach/Broward)

* Deborah Poulalion (Florida House District 36, Seminole County)

* Sarah Henry (Florida House District 38, Seminole County)

* Tiffany Hughes (Florida House District 39, Seminole County)

* Anna Eskamani (Florida House District 42, Orlando)

* Jennifer “Rita: Harris (Florida House District 44, Orange County)

* Kristen Arrington (Florida House District 46, Osceola County)

* Bernard Fensterwald (Florida House District 58, Central Pinellas County)

* Lindsay Cross (Florida House District 60, Pinellas County)

* Michele Rayner (Florida House District 62, Broward County)

* Jen McDonald (Florida House District 65, Tampa County)

* Kelly Skidmore (Florida House District 92, Palm Beach County)

* Shelly Albright (Florida House District 93, Palm Beach County)

* Linda Thompson Gonzalez (Florida House District 100, Broward County)

* Robin Bartleman (Florida House District 103, Broward County)


* Allison Miller (State Attorney 6th Judicial Circuit, Pinellas & Pasco Counties)


* Josh Johnson (Leon County Commission At Large Group 2)

* Rick Minor (Leon County Commission District 3)

* David O’Keefe (Leon County Commission District 5)

* Michelle Oyola McGovern (Palm Beach County Commission District 6)

* Patricia “Pat” Gerard (Pinellas County Commission, District 2)


* Guerdy Remy (Altamonte Springs City Commissioner, District 2)

* Jeff Gow (City of Dunedin Commission, District 4)

* Genece Minshew (Fernandina Beach City Council Seat 5)

* Angela Eady (City of Kissimmee Commission, Seat 2)

* Dr. Kai Rush (Largo City Commission Seat 5)

* Jeremy Matlow (Tallahassee City Commission Seat 3)

* Kristen Dozer (Tallahassee City Commission Seat 4)


* Tina Certain (Alachua School Board, Seat 1)

* Nora Rupert (Broward County School Board, Seat 7)

* Karen Perez (Hillsborough School Board, Seat 6)

* Maria Salamanca (Orange County School Board, Seat 2)

* Dr. Michael Daniels (Orange County School Board, Seat 3)

* Corey Smith (Palm Beach County District 7)

* Dr. Keesha Benson (Pinellas County School Board, Seat 3)

* Brian Martin (Pinellas County School Board, Seat 6)


*Ray Deacon (Duval County Soil and Water Conservation Board District 5)

About Florida Now
Florida NOW is an intersectional grassroots organization that promotes feminist ideals, leads societal change, eliminates discrimination, and protects the equal rights of all women and girls in all aspects of social, political, and economic life.