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Florida Congressional District 18: Scott Franklin vs Keith R. Hayden Jr.

 Scott Franklin and Keith R. Hayden Jr.
Scott Franklin and Keith R. Hayden Jr.
Scott Franklin and Keith R. Hayden Jr.

Okeechobee County - Monday October 31, 2022: In the Florida U.S. Congressional District 18 race, incumbent GOP Congressman Scott Franklin faces a challenge from Keith R. Hayden Jr. who has No Party Affiliation (NPA)

Okeechobee County is included in District 18.

Incumbent Republic Congressman Scott Franklin

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Scott Franklin was born in Thomaston, Georgia. Franklin served in the U.S. Navy for 14 years and the U.S. Navy Reserve for 12 years. He earned a degree from the United States Naval Academy in 1986 and an M.B.A. from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Franklin's career experience includes working as a naval aviator with the U.S. Navy and owning and operating a business.

Incumbent Scott Franklin defeated Jennifer Raybon, Wendy Schmeling, Kenneth Hartpence, and Eddie Tarazona in the Republican primary for U.S. House Florida District 18 on August 23, 2022.

Key votes: 117th Congress, 2021

* Cong. Franklin voted NAY on the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 - It Passed 220-210

* Cong. Franklin voted NAY on the For the People Act of 2021 - It Passed 220-210

* Cong. Franklin voted NAY on the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act- It Passed 228-206

* Cong. Franklin voted NAY on the SAFE Banking Act of 2021 - It Passed 321-101

* Cong. Franklin voted NAY on the Build Back Better Act - It Passed 220-213

* Cong. Franklin voted NAY on the Women’s Health Protection Act of 2021 - It passed 218 to 211

* Cong. Franklin voted YEA on the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022 - It Passed 363-70

* Cong. Franklin voted YEA on the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act - It Passed 364-62

Key Messages:

Congressman Franklin did not completed Ballotpedia's 2022 Candidate Connection questionnaire. The following key messages were compiled by Ballotpedia.

Franklin's campaign website: "As a U.S. Congressman, Scott will advance the agenda of President Donald Trump to Keep America Great. He will ensure that our nation builds the wall to keep our borders secure. He will defend the Second Amendment, and he will fight for the unborn."

Franklin criticized former Congressman Spano regarding an investigation into Spano's alleged campaign finance violations. Franklin's campaign website said, "With Scott Franklin in Washington, D.C., Florida’s Congressional District 15 will earn back the trust, respect and integrity the people of Central Florida deserve."

Sources: Scott Franklin's 2020 campaign website, "Meet Scott Franklin," accessed August 14, 2020; YouTube, "Scott Franklin for Congress," accessed August 14, 2020

Challenger (NPA) Keith R. Hayden Jr.

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Who Are you?:
Keith R. Hayden Jr. (born April 12,1975) is an American Military Veteran and businessman that resides in Florida’s 18th Congressional district in The City of Sebring, in Highlands County Florida, who has announced candidacy for the US House of Representatives for Florida's 18th Congressional District as a Non Party Affiliated Independent candidate. He is a Constitutional Conservative. He is also a FCC licensed amateur extra radio operator, Call Sign W9OMW.

Three Key Messages:

  • A Strong Conservative that Wants to go to work and fight for you.
  • A real voice for the people who lives within the community, not a party puppet.
  • Let's bring back Family Values and put America First.

Public policy issues you're most passionate about?:

Florida Agriculture and Water Supply, Economy and Inflation, Veteran Services, Healthcare, Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security, 2nd Amendment Rights.

Greatest Challenges for the U.S.:

The food supply and renewable alternative energy sources.
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