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Florida Gas Prices Down Another 7-cents Last Week

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Florida - Monday October 31, 2022: The average price of a gallon of regulars unleaded fell another 7-cents last week, dropping to $3.29 across the state as of Sunday.

Gas prices for the month of October averaged $3.33 per gallon. That's about 6 cents less than what the price was on September 30th.

However get ready for an abrupt increase tomorrow, Tuesday November 1, when the state gas tax holiday ends. The 25-cent sales tax holiday was in effect for the entire month of October. When the tax resume drivers can expect a 25 cent jump in prices at the pump.

When the state sales tax holiday was implemented on October 1, gas prices declined a total of 22 cents within a couple of days, falling from $3.39 to $3.17 per gallon.

Unfortunately for drivers, that discount was short lived. During the first week of October, OPEC announced plans to cut its oil production rate, which sparked a 17% oil price hike, raising the cost of producing gasoline. This ultimately dragged Florida gas prices back to where they were before the state's gas tax holiday.

"While Halloween is traditionally a time for filling bags with candy, drivers may also want to fill their gas tank to take advantage of current prices at the pump," said AAA Florida spokesman Mark Jenkins. "Pump prices will likely rise 25 cents overnight, when the state gas tax expires on Tuesday morning."

Regional Prices

  • Most expensive metro markets – West Palm Beach-Boca Raton ($3.47), Gainesville ($3.40), Naples ($3.38)
  • Least expensive metro markets – Pensacola ($3.14), Crestview-Fort Walton Beach ($3.14), Panama City ($3.21)