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Brightline Resumes Testing Trains Through St. Lucie County at Speeds of 79 MPH

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St. Lucie County - Tuesday December 13, 2022: Brightline this week resumed testing its passenger trains at high speeds in St. Lucie County. Residents of Fort Pierce and other parts of the County could see trains travel at maximum speeds of 79 mph.

Testing is expected to bring additional wait times at railroad crossings. Stay off the tracks and never go around crossing gates.

Meanwhile, the 'signal and track cutover' work is ongoing. This ongoing work integrates a new second railroad track into the existing corridor. It is taking place along a 10-mile section of track, spanning 18 railroad crossings from Oslo through Fort Pierce in St. Lucie County.

Flaggers will be present at the crossings continuously from 7 a.m., Saturday, December 10 through 6 p.m., Saturday, December 17 while the new rail signal system is commissioned.

Residents should be alert, follow the law around active railroad tracks and railroad crossings and be aware that once the second track is commissioned, rail traffic could run on BOTH tracks in both directions. Failure to follow the law could result in fines, points on your license or loss of life.

St. Lucie County - Continuous Flagging Operations / 79 MPH Train Testing

7 a.m., Saturday, December 10 through 6 p.m., Saturday, December 17

St. Lucie County

Oslo Rd. (SR 606)

20th Pl. (Highlands)

Harbor Branch Rd. (Indian River Rd.)

Wilcox Rd.

Michigan St.

Rouse Rd.

Torpey Rd.

Milton Rd.

Chamberline Blvd.

St. Lucie Lane


Fort Pierce

Old Main St.

City Causeway (SR A1A)

Fishermans Wharf

Seaway Drive (A1A)

Avenue D

Avenue A

Orange Ave. (SR 68)

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