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St. Lucie County Tax Collector Extends Deadline to Receive a Discount on 2022 Property Taxes

St. Lucie County Tax Collector.jpg
St. Lucie County Tax Collector

Fort Pierce - Wednesday December 28, 2022: St. Lucie County Tax Collector Chris Craft has extended the deadline to receive a 3% discount on 2022 property taxes due to holiday office closures.

Payments that are mailed need to be postmarked by January 4 to receive the discount.

St. Lucie County property owners now have until January 4 2023 to pay and still receive the 3% discount offered in December. The extension is the result of offices being closed for the New Year's holiday on Friday December 30th and on Monday January 2.

Tax payments can easily be made online at www.tcslc.com/166/Online-Tax-Payments. They can also be dropped into one of the drop boxes located at each of our three locations, they can be mailed or they can be made in person without an appointment. The 3% discount is automatically applied on all payments, regardless of whether they’re made online or in person.

For more information on the St. Lucie County Tax Collector’s Office, visit www.tcslc.com or contact Carin Smith, Communications Director, at carin.smith@tcslc.com.