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Brightline to Resume 110 MPH Testing Along the Treasure Coast Next Week


Florida - Tuesday February 7, 2023: Brightline will continue testing up to 110 mph through Martin and St. Lucie County on Tuesday, February 14.

Then on Thursday February 16 high speed testing up to 110 mph will be conducted in northern Palm Beach County through Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, North Palm Beach, Lake Park, Riviera Beach and West Palm Beach.

Brightline says it is making crucial safety improvements at all 156 railroad crossings along the rail corridor through to Orlando. Those improvements include new crossing gates, signal systems, pedestrian gates, pavement markings and roadway profiles. In areas where trains will will operate at speeds over 79 mph, crossings will have quad gates or medians to prevent motorists from driving around lowered crossing gates.

Brightline says it has invested tens of millions of dollars in infrastructure along the South Florida corridor for safety enhancements such as the addition of red light cameras, channelization through community greening projects and partnerships with local schools and organizations such as 211 and Operation Lifesaver.

Safety Campaign

Brightline has launched a new rail safety campaign in hopes of getting 50,000 people to sign the digital safety pledge. The safety pledge can be found here> https://brightlinesafety.com/, on Brightline’s safety website. The website highlights the importance of rail safety awareness. Safety materials on the website are available in English, Spanish and Creole.

The aim is of the campaign is to encourage residents to be safe and stay off the tracks.

The safety campaign will be driven mainly through social media channels and targeted digital advertising. Brightline will also be reaching out to local school districts and community partners to underscore the need for safety around the tracks.

The safety campaign also features a Public Service Announcement that focuses on three different scenarios, a motorist who is considering driving around the gates, teenagers who contemplate beating an approaching train and a jogger who removes his headphones so he can hear the warning bells. In each case the individual makes the right decision and abides by the law, waiting until the train passes and the gates return to the up position before crossing the tracks.

"Safety is paramount to everything we do, and our local communities are the key to helping us make a difference,” said Ben Porritt, senior vice president of Brightline. “We encourage residents, rail aficionados and social influencers to sign our pledge, share our PSA and spread the word - safety starts with you.”

8 Rail Safety Quick Tips

• The train you see is closer and faster-moving than you think.

• Be aware that trains cannot stop quickly.

• Never drive around lowered gates — it’s illegal and deadly.

• At a multiple track crossing waiting for a train to pass, watch out for a second train on the other tracks, approaching from either direction.

• Do not get trapped on the tracks; proceed through a grade crossing only if you are sure you can completely clear the crossing without stopping.

• If your vehicle ever stalls on the tracks, get out and get away from the tracks, even if you do not see a train. Locate the Emergency Notification System sign and call the number provided.

• When you need to cross train tracks, go to a designated crossing, look both ways, and cross the tracks quickly, without stopping. It isn’t safe to stop closer than 15 feet from a rail.