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Eligible Veterans, Military Members and Families Encouraged to Apply for Refund from Harris Jewelry

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Florida - Monday February 20, 2023: Attorney General Ashley Moody is issuing a Consumer Alert notifying eligible families, military members and veterans about refunds that are potentially available from Harris Jewelry.

Last year, through a multistate action, Attorney General Moody secured $34 million in total relief from Harris Jewelry over allegations that the company deployed deceptive business practices.

Thousands of military veterans and service members are eligible for refunds, including approximately 1,900 consumers in Florida. Refunds may be as much as $350 per person for those who purchased jewelry or a watch protection plan. Many consumers may be unaware that they purchased a protection plan, so all former Harris Jewelry customers are encouraged to apply. In addition to a possible refund, consumers may not have to pay certain outstanding debts to Harris Jewelry.

“Harris Jewelry prominently displayed the slogan ‘serving those who serve’ while they exploited military service members out of millions of dollars," said Moody. "now the company must pay restitution to consumers harmed by their deceptive practices."

Harris Jewelry and its corporate affiliates allegedly sold jewelry, watches and military-themed gifts from its stores strategically located on, or near, military bases and tailored sales pitches to young recruits at the lowest pay grades, including those still in basic training. Even before discussing merchandise a customer might be interested in buying, Harris Jewelry allegedly trained employees to incorrectly tell service members that buying on credit from the company would improve credit scores, regardless of credit history or later payment record.

The settlement agreement also requires that $50,000 in settlement funds be given to the Florida Veterans Foundation to support consumer education.

To apply for a refund, consumers must visit and complete the Jewelry and Watch Protection Plan Refund Request form. Attorney General Moody recommends consumers complete the form as soon as possible to ensure restitution.

To view the complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York, click here.

For military members looking to learn more about managing credit, visit and talk with a military personal financial counselor.

To report deceptive or unfair practices, call 1(866) 9NO-SCAM or visit