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State Regulators Approve FPL April Bill Increase

Joe Skipper/Joe Skipper for FPL
Florida Power & Light Company

Florida - Tuesday March 7, 2023: The Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) Tuesday unanimously approved an increase to Florida Power & Light Company customer bills beginning in April.

The approved rate hike is needed to make up for revenue lost from unrecovered fuel and storm costs last year.

The decision will increase consumer power bills in April, however FPL has proposed lowering bills in May to reflect $379 million in additional projected fuel savings in 2023. The company has asked state regulators to consider that proposal next month.

"I know our customers have big expectations for their electric provider," said FPL President and CEO Armando Pimentel. "They count on Florida Power & Light to keep the lights on and their home cool. They count on us to maintain a durable energy grid that stands up to severe weather and, when a storm does cause outages, they also count on us to restore power safely and as quickly as possible. Most importantly, they count on us to serve them while keeping their electric bill as low as possible."

Customers will pay a temporary 8% storm surcharge for 12 months beginning in April.

FPL offers energy-saving tips to customers: With the bill increase taking effect in April, FPL encourages customers to take steps to lower their bills by monitoring energy use and making their homes more energy efficient.

For example:

  • Depending on the season, customers should cool their home at 78° or warmer or heat their home at 68° or cooler. Each degree customers lower or increase the temperature on their thermostat can reduce their bill by 5% a month for heating or cooling costs.
  • Customers can clean the lint filter in their dryer before each load to minimize drying time.
  • Turn off ceiling fans and lights in unoccupied rooms.
  • View daily, weekly and monthly energy use by using the FPL Mobile App, which is available on the Apple App store, Google Play or by texting "App" to MyFPL (69375).
  • Customers can activate the free FPL Energy Manager tool to monitor how their home is using energy and identify ways to save.
  • For more helpful tips, customers can visit