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Okeechobee County Sheriff Steps Up Traffic Enforcement to Crack Down on "Recent Traffic Concerns"


Okeechobee County - Friday May 12, 2023: The Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office began countywide traffic enforcement on May 5.

Uniformed Patrol officers and Traffic Unit Deputies are targeting speeding, reckless driving and equipment infractions. Sheriff Noel Stephen said the crackdown will be ongoing in an effort to address recent traffic concerns.

Forty-four (44) traffic stops were conducted, thirty-eight (38) total citations were issued, three (3) were written traffic citations, and thirty-five (35) were written traffic warnings for various infractions.

In addition, five arrests were made for various charges, including:

- One (1) driver Charged with DWLS W/Knowledge

- Three (3) Charged for delivery of cocaine

- Three (3) Charged for trafficking of fentanyl

- Two (2) Charged for possession of methamphetamine