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Florida Democrats Denounce Governor for Signing 'Anti-DEI' Bill Into Law

Florida - Monday May 15, 2023: A number of Florida Senate Democrats have issued statements denouncing the Governor for signing SB 266 into law Monday.

“We must allow for the teaching of diversity, equity and inclusion, especially at the college and university level if we are to continue to grow as a people," said Senator Rosalind Osgood (D-Tamarac), "otherwise we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.”

The new law bans funding of diversity, equity and inclusion programs at state colleges and universities.

"Governor DeSantis is treating freedom of speech as an enemy," said Senate Democratic Leader Lauren Book (D-Davie). “The Legislature allowed his partisan politics to get in the way of initiatives that have progressed us as a nation to allow students from diverse backgrounds and experiences be included in places where historically they have not been accepted.”

Senator Shevrin Jones (D-Miami Gardens) accused the Governor of throwing "throw red meat to his base" as he "prepares to launch his looming presidential campaign." He called it "the latest example of government overreach into Florida classrooms."

The new law also bans teaching what the Governor called DEI infused courses like Critical Race Theory.

“Florida may realize a brain drain as African-American students and professors make decisions about the type of climate they want to function in," said Senator Geraldine Thompson (D-Orlando). "The anti-DEI legislation projects an unwelcoming environment.”

Florida Democratic Party Chair
Florida Democratic Party Chair Nikki Fried also issued a statement saying, in part - "Perhaps instead of waging culture wars while destroying Florida's educational system in the process, in hopes of securing the MAGA base for his impending presidential run, DeSantis can actually get to work for Floridians–like fixing Florida's dire teacher shortage that he created or lowering the state’s skyrocketing home and property insurance rates."

“Make no mistake, this legislation will absolutely destroy Florida’s world-class higher education system. DeSantis’ brand of fascism has already begun to obliterate academic freedom ... We’re already seeing the effects of these disastrous laws, as the best and brightest students, professors, and administrators, have begun reconsidering or rejecting offers and transferring out of state,” said FDP Chair Fried.