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U.S. Census: Port St. Lucie Ranks 7th on a List of American Cities with the Biggest One-Year Increase in Population

Photo courtesy City of Port St. Lucie

Port St. Lucie - Thursday May 18, 2023: The City of Port St. Lucie ranks 7th on a list of 15 American cities with the largest one-year increase in population, according to the Vintage 2022 Population Estimates report from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The report ranked the growth in population between July 1, 2021 and July 1, 2022 in 15 cities with populations over 50,000.

Port St. Lucie recorded 13, 887 new residents during that time period, raising its population total to 231,790. That was just behind Jacksonville in the 6th position with an increase of 14,408 new comers, and just ahead of Cape Coral in 8th with a population increase of 13,017.

Just those three Florida cities made the list. Texas had six cities in the top 15, including Fort Worth which ranked number one with more than 19,000 new residents.

U.S. Census

In terms of the percentage increase of population, Port St. Lucie is 10th with a 6.4% increase in its overall population. That's just behind Cape Coral in 9th, and North Port in 8th place. Jacksonville did not make this list.

The population estimates are included in a release from the Census Bureau reporting that large southern cities lead the nation in population growth, with Texas continuing to top the charts with the most number of fastest growing cities. Of the nine on the list of fastest-growing cities in the South, six are in Texas.

U.S. Census Bureau

New York remains the nation’s largest city, despite its recent population decline. At 8.3 million, New York's population was more than twice that of the next largest city, Los Angeles, with a population of nearly 4 million.

Read the Census Bureau release in full here >

U.S. Census Bureau