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SLC Board of County Commissioners Bringing Servers Back Online, Nearly Two Weeks After They Went Down

Andrew Gardner -

Fort Pierce - Wednesday November 8, 2023: It’s been a slow and methodical process trying to bring St. Lucie County’s internet services back on line, however progress is being made.

St. Lucie County spokesman Erick Gill reports that steps were taken to start bringing the servers at the County Commissioners Office back on line on Wednesday. It was those servers that went down on Friday October 27th, impacting a wide variety of County services.

Although the St. Lucie County website was restored within days, recovery of phone, email and other services at a number of County agencies has been spotty.

However Gill says the County Commissioners’ main servers are now being brought back on line. “All of a sudden emails are starting to work and the phones are starting to work so that’s good. So, we’re getting our networks on line."
But other offices in the County Commissioners building are still experiencing some network issues.

Gill: “There are two other constitutionals in this building, the property appraiser and tax collector. Their systems are separate but connected to ours.”

WQCS: "But they’re not fully back?"

Gill: "Not that I’m aware of.”

 WQCS: “Can You say when service will be restored to all agencies?”

Gill: “No, not at this time."

 WQCS: “Are you any closer to knowing what caused it?"

Gill:We’re close but given that it's still ongoing, we can’t really discuss much about the incident, other than we took the network down in an abundance of caution."

WQCS: “We’re you hacked?”

Gill: “We saw suspicious activity on our network and we are doing our due diligence to make sure the information that we have that’s protected, is being protected, and our systems are not being compromised.” 

Gill said the forensic report, that will hopefully provide a full explanation of the cause, probably won’t be available until Monday.